What exactly is being sold?

Spiked Intuition is a customization service. We custom design on factory made shoes.

Where can Spiked Intuition customized shoes be purchased?

Spiked Intuition’s customized shoes are currently only available by ordering via email (INFO@ASHLEIBANKS.COM). Shoes will soon be available on our online shop in the near future.

Are shoes provided with customization orders?

Shoes can be provided at the customer’s request. The brand of the shoe may vary. A brand name shoe will result in a higher total cost. Spiked Intuition will provide up to 4 different styles of shoes to choose from for each customized order upon request.

How long does it take for customizations to be complete once the order is started?

The current turn-around time for each order is within 2 weeks.

How much does it cost for a pair of shoes to be customized?

The price depends on the style of shoe and the details of the customization. It is difficult to give a price without knowing exactly what each customer wants. For example, a knee high boot would cost more to customize than a classic pump, and a fully embellished shoe would cost more than a classic spiked pump (See Gallery). To receive accurate quotes please send an email with a picture or description of your shoe that you would like customized to INFO@ASHLEIBANKS.COM.

All of my questions are answered and I am seriously ready to place an order. What are the next steps?

When you are ready to order, email your request to INFO@ASHLEIBANKS.COM for a price quote. You will receive your price quote with order and payment information. Follow the instructions in the email by agreeing to the terms of the order and making payment. After payment is received you will receive a confirmation email and your order will be started. Within 2 weeks customizations will be complete and you will receive an email with tracking information.

*If you did not find the answer to your question here, please leave your question in the comments box below.


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