Ten things about Me…

  1. I don’t eat [red meat], or drink cow’s milk but I’m not a vegetarian.
  2. My favorite color changes with my mood.
  3. Spontaneity is my thing.
  4. The only pets that I will ever own will be in the form of fur.
  5. I secretly want to be a rapper.
  6. I have an unhealthy appetite for spikes, studs, and bling.
  7. According to the Greek gods I’m a Sagittarius.
  8. My favorite drink is a Cosmo and I can only drink it in a wine glass.
  9. Sarcasm is my 2nd language.
  10. My love for fashion developed as a result of having to find a bitch-less way of self-expression being the only girl raised in a house full of testosterone; which now is profitably consuming most of my time.

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