Ashlei Zanotti


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I paint a perfect picture.


Wild Wild West


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“Picture perfect. I paint a perfect picture. I get it then I flip it my intentions to get richer.”

“Wild Wild West” party.

The props were amazing and the vibe was nice. Details on the fit and my two favorite pics of the night below.


Top: Forever 21 //  Bottom: H&M (I studded the pocket and neglected to finish the other) // Clutch: Armani Exchange  // Belt: Vintage // Watch: Michael Kors // Necklace: Spiked Ice // Shoes: Spiked Intuition Customized

Everything that Glitters is Gold // VAz Modern Beauty Event


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Make Up : Athena Guess

Yesterday Yseline down at Vice Versa Boutique extended an invite for me to attend an event called VAz Modern Beauty downtown Hartford at The Society Room. Me along with hundreds of other women enjoyed complimentary cocktails and food samples while shopping from over 50 sample shops in fashion, beauty, cosmetics, and more. The event was sold out but Yse had an extra ticket and looked out for your girl.

Now to the important part…My [fit].


Dress:H&M  // Shoes:Spiked Intuition Customized (by yours truly) // Bracelets:Spiked Ice // Earrings:Bakers  // Clutch:H&M

I didn’t have much time to pull anything together so to prevent unneccessary frustration I headed right down to H&M. I know what you’re thinking…”Why didn’t you just grab something out of your closet?” Answer: I was in the mood for something new. My fab find for the day was a metallic gold, Cleopatra-style  dress and I paired it with a pair of black, platform sandals that I customized for Ricky Da’Vista’s fashion show, a couple of gold and black ceramic bangles, long rhinestone gold earrings, and a black bow clutch with a gold chain and headed out.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it, take a look below and see all Fab Fun you missed!

20120323-174925.jpgFrosted Couture Cupcakes by Joelle Walasewicz

20120323-174944.jpgShoes!! Designer Oomilya Loo Nark

20120323-174954.jpg[UH-FREAKIN-MAZING] Make-Up & Hair by Edge Master Hair Salon


Left to Right: Yours Truly (w/ the ladies of Vice Versa Boutique) Yseline // Anitra


Custom Vice Versa Boutique Couture Dress


Vintage Chic


Distinctive leather pieces by NATIV Leather *Pause* My girl, Model Daneisha Thomas slayed the NATIV Leather Ads! You will be seeing much more of her. Work it doll!


Showin’um how to move in a room full of vultures.//


My Sunshine, Make Up Artist Azua! 1/2 of MazStyle (Missed you Marisellie)

This guy and his girlfriend had to be the highlight of the night…If only we had the camera’s rollin’! What can I say? [They’re lovin’ the shoes.]


Who doesn’t love goodie bags? Sponsored by Miss Jessie’s


My Cupcake Couture cherry was popped last night and all I can say is [Orgasmic]


I purchased this cute tank from Vice Versa Boutique! $28 plus 20% off yesterday. Expect a post featuring this top soon.


My Model Mahogany is wearing a bold coral & gold necklace purchsed at Bracelet Girl’s sample shop.

House of Essence, Panera Bread, Chanel, & Indique Hair were also among the many vendors at VAz Modern Beauty. I may have found out about this event late but I will definitely be “in the know” for the next one.

Look out for // Fabulous Fun For the Little Ladies– Saturday June 16,2012 12-4pm

Stay Fab,


The Power of Pastels


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You come to play. I come to slay.

Shirt: H&M // Shoes: ASOS // Bottom: Abercrombie // Bracelet: Spiked Ice // Earrings: Bakers // Makeup: Athena Guess 

Don’t worry my “almost-tragic” fall down the stairs reminded me to zip up!

Charming #211 by Revlon on the piggies.




For more pics of the night head over to Scene Magz.

Young. Wild. & Free.



There comes a point in a girl’s life where she goes from tailoring her looks, words, and actions to conform to what society views as acceptable to effortlessly not giving a f**k. I’m proud to announce I’m at that point.

When saying “Effortlessly not giving a f**k” in [no] way do I mean I’ll be behaving in irrational ways wearing provocative fits, but in every way meaning acting “in character”. People get caught up in the act of conforming and after umpteen years I finally realized that it was draining too much of [me]. It was like I was living for everybody else and doing the things I loved last, and what’s even worse than that is [everybody else] wasn’t specific people it was a bunch of nameless people who make up what we call society.

I think conforming is one of the most popular things people subconsciously do and many never realize they’re cutting themselves short until then end and by then it’s just too late. I’m no life coach but I can’t express how important it is to give a few less f**ks and enjoy the rest of your life…you owe it to yourself.

“The key to change is letting go of fear.”- Rosanne Cash